Working method

Bengelmedia is the marketing agency where all creative disciplines that contribute to the success of a campaign come together. We conceive the entire campaign and also implement it. A number of steps are involved in the creation of the campaign. These steps are described below.


The result a company wants to achieve is leading for us – this lays the foundation for the success of the marketing campaign. We always start a good campaign with a brainstorming session. The foundation for this brainstorm consists of the objectives the company wants to achieve and the target group they want to address with this campaign. Based on this brainstorming session, a unique communication concept is developed that completely coordinates with the objectives and the target group. This communication concept is the basis for all communications of the campaign. After this, an annual schedule and media schedule are established. As soon as these schedules have been finalised, the project goes into implementation mode, provided by Bengelmedia’s creative studio. After the implementation, the campaign naturally goes live and here, too, we take the evaluation off your hands: we are glad to keep our clients up to date of the progress. The course can differ per client, of course.


The entire marketing campaign can be trusted to the specialists of Bengelmedia marketing agency. We make sure you have a successful marketing campaign!


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Mis niks

Meld je aan voor onze nieuwsbrief
Dan sturen we je 4x per jaar ons nieuwste werk en gaafste cases