A crucial part in a company’s online presence is a well working website. Marketing agency Bengelmedia has a broad experience in all kinds of websites, from webshops to simple landing pages. We design based on a sitemap that we create together with client ideally based on data from the past. After the design we create the website, CSS, grids, landing pages etc. etc. so that the websites are effective and easy to keep up-to-date.


Website development connected to your goals

Whether we create a website of webshop, we always look at what the client would like to achieve. We develop the websites in-house, using Joomla CMS and manage the hosting. The goal is to create a website that the client can manage without our help but we can, of course, also help to manage the website.  


Search engine optimization by content

SEO is important but content that connects to the audience is just as important. We optimize the structure of the website for Google and other search engines and use funneling to measure and optimize conversions. Of course, all websites are full responsive and work well across all devices.


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Mis niks

Meld je aan voor onze nieuwsbrief
Dan sturen we je 4x per jaar ons nieuwste werk en gaafste cases