As you would expect, Online Marketing is marketing on the internet. Online Marketing offers many possibilities to reach the target group. It involves some technology and that’s why online marketing is really a separate profession in its own right. Bengelmedia marketing agency sees Online Marketing as an opportunity to achieve the objective of the client.


Based on the objective and the target group, we compose a marketing mix. Actually, a website or action page is always a key concept with Online Marketing. We develop fitting communications around this. Some examples are the use of Social Media, Bannering, SEO, Google AdWords, videos, content and mailings!


Online marketing: from idea to implementation

We are Google-certified and develop everything in our own studio in Amsterdam. We also always keep a good eye on the progress of online campaigns. To do this, we use various tools such as Google Analytics. Based on the results, we optimise the campaigns to achieve maximum results! Not surprisingly, the motto for Online Marketing is: ‘The numbers tell the tale!’


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Mis niks

Meld je aan voor onze nieuwsbrief
Dan sturen we je 4x per jaar ons nieuwste werk en gaafste cases