Traditionally, charity organisations look at marketing differently than commercial parties do. As a result of the hardening competition, donors’ decreasing willingness to contribute and the decline in government support, it is nevertheless important that charities think more commercially.

At the same time, terms such as conversion and ROI are relevant in a different way than with commercial organisations. Often charities also have another interest: the transfer of an ideology to or the education of the target group. This can often be compared with what is called branding for commercial organisations.


Fundraising and education

Bengelmedia marketing agency puts the focus on the identification of the desires of the target group and then engages both objectives: fundraising and education. From this point on, the means that can be used to reach the target group are determined based on the target group itself. Naturally, issues that are specifically arranged for charities such as Google Grants, Stopper deals and special media are taken into account.


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Meld je aan voor onze nieuwsbrief
Dan sturen we je 4x per jaar ons nieuwste werk en gaafste cases